Sugar Cravings Causes

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Sugar cravings causesWe have all had that experience where, suddenly, no matter what we are doing, we start dreaming of sweets. Cookies, candy, or cake, we have all been there. Some people may even crave fruits or sodas. Why? There are many different reasons why each person may want sweets as a daily part of our diet. But sometimes sugar cravings can get out of control. Here are some sugar cravings causes that you can control on a daily basis to try and curb those thoughts, or eating too many sweets:

Sugar Cravings Causes


Anxiety and Stress

When emotions, stress, and demands get too much, people may often find that they consume more sugar than normal. Your blood sugar may fluctuate during these periods, or you may feel incredibly tired. Sugar can serve as a comfort food and way to boost your energy for a short period of time. Increased stress level hormones, such as cortisol, can as much as triple your cravings for sugar. This can lead you to overeating, eating compulsively, or open you up to possible other harmful behaviors to help control stress levels. Managing your stress in other healthy ways, like healthy diet, exercise, and good work/life balance can help you curb sugar cravings.

Side Effects of Eating Sugar

Sugar can make you feel good! We all know this. This is because it gives a small amino acid, tryptophan, a direct pathway to the brain. Tryptophan is used to produce serotonin, and the higher your tryptophan level, the more serotonin is produced. Sugar aids this process when it releases insulin, which bonds to amino acids. With these other amino acids occupied, tryptophan, which must normally compete for transportation to the brain, has a free ride. Already overweight individuals may be exceptionally at risk for eating sugar to feel good.

Bacterial Imbalances and Allergies

When yeast and fungi take up residence in the intestines due to imbalances in beneficial bacteria found there, many people may experience sugar cravings. Yeast and fungi both require lots of sugar to survive. Those with food allergies may also experience a higher craving for sugar. To curb these cravings, avoid or treat for allergens, and try to restore bacterial balance in the intestines. You may balance your intestinal bacteria by improving your diet, choosing fruit or a form of healthy protein over processed sugars when you crave sweets, and adding a multivitamin to your diet.

Low Endorphin Levels

Many women may consume sweets at a certain time of month due to premenstrual symptoms. This is because, at this time, endorphins in their systems are at their lowest. Sugar can produce a pain-relieving quality by increasing endorphins in the brain. Just like drugs or alcohol, when these endorphins are low, many people will begin to crave sugars. You can help reduce these cravings by resisting temptation, clearing your household of food that tempt you, and taking a simply pain reliever for pain or premenstrual symptoms. In this way, you will often find that your cravings go away.

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