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sugar addiction detoxThe number of diabetics in USA is constantly on the rise.  Why?  One of the many reasons is that more and more people consume large amounts of sugar daily to the point of getting an addiction.  What about you?  Are you addicted to sugary stuff too?  If so, this article can help you control your sugar habit through the sugar addiction detox plan here.

Sugar Addiction Detox:  Three Rules

Research says that it takes 21 days to form a habit.  For this reason, you should make use of these days to curb your sugar addiction.  Here are the 3 rules for the sugar addiction detox plan:

  1. Get rid of simple carbs and sugar from your food.  Do this for 21 days.  To make this task easier for you, you need to learn to read and carefully examine the food labels.  For example, there are products that contain fructose, glucose, lactose, maltose, cane crystals, and more.  If you are not aware by now, those are examples of sugar that are disguised in another name (to keep you from recognizing them).  Take note, remember, and look out for these ingredients as you might stumble upon them as you eat your next meal.
  2. Refrain from eating the foods that you need to avoid.  Instead, eat up on the foods that are good for you.  Take a good look at the list of sample foods below and let it be your guide.


-          Alcohol

-          Anything fried

-          Any fruit or grain that does not belong in the WHAT TO EAT list

-          Artificial sweeteners

-          Bread

-          Candies

-          Cereals/Oatmeal

-          Dairy products (cheese, cream, milk, etc)

-          Flour

-          Fruit juice

-          Honey

-          Maple Syrup

-          Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

-          Potatoes

-          Sugar (of course!)

-          Trans fats

-          Vinegar

-          Wheat pasta and bread

-          White rice, flour, and bread

-          Yogurt



-          Herbs

-          Organic vegetables excluding potatoes (but it’s okay if they’re not organic)

-          Avocadoes

-          Brown rice

-          Coconut oil

-          Eggs

-          Fish

-          Lemon

-          Lentils

-          Olive oil

-          Organic Chicken, turkey, beef, and lamb

-          Sashimi

-          Seeds

-          Tomatoes

  1. Go back to day one of your 21-day detox diet if you ate any of the foods that you are not supposed to eat.  Sorry but that’s the rule.  You have to start over.


Effects of the Detoxification

Naturally, there are advantages and disadvantages to any action that we do.  The detox is no exception.  Let’s start off with the positive effects.  The most obvious is weight loss and clear skin.  As your tongue is re-trained, you will also learn to appreciate healthy food such as vegetables better.  In addition to that, you will also notice an improved mood and boost in energy.  Sleep will come easier for you as well.

Unfortunately, there are negative effects as well.  You will experience headaches, constipation and bloating, bad breath, irritability, and rashes.  The good thing is that these symptoms only occur for about one to two days during your cleanse.

During the detoxification process, your body heals itself as it restores the balance and purges the harmful elements from your body.  Some people may experience different combination of effects while many others do not.  Don’t be afraid of the sugar detox symptoms that are showing.  It only means that you are on your way to a healthier you.



Sugar addiction is a difficult vice to quit.  Why?  Because eating sugary stuff alone lifts you up and gives you an incredible high.  However, too much of anything is not good.  In fact, it can slowly deteriorate your health and kill you in the long run.

Take care of yourself and learn to break your sugar habit by trying any methods that you can use such as the sugar addiction detox plan in this post.  It will be a long and arduous path but you can do it.  If you want, you can browse the rest of the site and read other posts that aim to give information for those who suffer from sugar addiction.  Take care!


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