I Can’t Stop Eating! Why?

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i can't stop eatingDo you often feel exasperated because you keep telling yourself “I can’t stop eating”?  Lack of self-control is not always the reason why you can’t seem to stop wolfing down food.  Believe me, there are many factors to consider when it comes to eating disorders.  If it were easy, we would not have to spend much on diet fads, meal plans, or therapies.  This article aims to enumerate all the possible reasons why you just cannot stop eating.





Why I Can’t Stop Eating


You might find other articles online (or you might have already read them) that attack this same topic but remember that repetition is the key.  If you don’t constantly remind yourself what you are facing, then you might never find a solution that will work for you.  Here are five reasons why you can’t stop eating:

1.  Eating unconsciously

Are you sometimes startled to see yourself holding half bitten bread even if you are sure that you were done eating a few minutes ago?  There are times when we unwittingly pick up and leisurely eat the food that we intentionally left behind.  You might not know it but you might be putting more food in your mouth while talking to a friend or just because it is accessible.

To avoid this, you can push your leftovers away.  I know being constantly aware of what you are doing can be difficult at first but you will manage it eventually.  All it takes is practice.  If you want, you can keep your hands together or put them on your lap just so they won’t stray and start to pick up food again while you are busy.


2.  Comfort eating –

I know the ladies can totally relate to this one.  A tub of ice cream, bars of chocolates, and pizza can heal broken hearts.  A bag of chips and a can of soda can soothe lonely souls.  Why is this so?  Based on research, fatty, salty, and sugary foods release chemicals similar to that of drugs that calm and relax us.  So it’s like getting a happiness fix.  After a round or two of these junk foods, you’ll eventually tell yourself “Hey, I can’t stop eating these.  They make me happy”.

You can find other HEALTHY ways to deal with your sadness.  Instead of turning to food, you can talk to people.  Window shopping (or even retail therapy) works for the ladies.  You can paint, redecorate your room or do other activities.  Apart from engaging in activities, you also need to come up with solutions on how to fight those feelings.  Learn how to cope with them.


3.  Fatigue or Hunger -

I can’t stop eating when I feel too hungry.  I know you feel the same way too.  Tiredness leads to overeating as well.  I mean, who does not overeat when they feel so tired and weary, right?  The reason is that the brain signals the body to get what it needs to restore its normal working state.  Mind you, this is very difficult to control.

My suggestion is to get A LOT of sleep and eat balanced meals.  Do not skip meals as this will only generate or lead to a ravenous hunger  later.  Don’t tell me that you can’t spare time for this.  Make sleeping and eating a priority to avoid overeating.  There’s no other way to solve this other than bij eating and sleeping regularly.


4.  Chewing Fast and Less -

Sometimes, we forget to savor the meals that we are devouring.  We tend to chew fast so that we can get and eat more of what we want.  Additionally, we chew fast and less because foods nowadays are too processed to require thorough chewing.

You can chew slowly.  By doing this, you will be more aware of the amount of food that you are consuming.  Eating veggies helps as well.  Did you notice that it is more difficult to chew carrots than fries?  Do you see what I mean?


5.  Bad eating habits -

Do you often rush to the refrigerator as soon as you get home?  Do you often find comfort in junk foods as you sit on your couch?  These are just some of the habits that you have learned to form while you are at home.

It is indeed hard to break habits.  For this reason, you need to toughen up and restrain yourself from eating when you are not hungry.  For example, you can help your child with his or her homework when you get home instead of dashing to your ref.  The secret here is to form new habits and replace the ones that are not helping you.


I hope that the reasons and the solutions in this post will eventually help you stop saying I can’t stop eating.  Good luck and I hope that you will be able to manage your food addiction through this article.  Good day!

Doriet von Fircks

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