How To Stop Sugar Cravings Naturally

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how to stop sugar cravingsIs it difficult for you to stop your sugar cravings?  Do you want to stop this craving once and for all?  Although it may seem possible, there are lots of healthy and safe ways you can apply to curb these cravings.  And many of them include suggestions that are cheap or free.  This post will help you answer your questions on how to stop sugar cravings naturally.

4 Simple Tricks on How To Stop Sugar Cravings


Keep Temptation Out of Sight

One of the easiest ways to reduce cravings is by not exposing yourself to sweets in the first place. Clear your home and office of them, and stop eating sweet breakfast foods if you have been doing so. This can make you crave sugar again, later. If sugar is always there, you will naturally eat more than if it were unavailable.

Also avoid artificial sweeteners, as these have been shown to actually increase cravings. Have lots of healthy snacks at your home and office, instead. If you must have a bit of sugar, try a very small portion of whatever food you are craving, or pair the food you are craving with something healthy (like nuts or fruit, for example). In this way, you are not denying yourself, but also not eating a large amount of sweets.


Supplements to Stop Sugar Cravings Naturally

Aside from staying away from temptations, there’s another way how to stop sugar cravings.  You can take food supplements with vitamins and minerals that can aid in preventing you from snacking on those sweet treats.

These include chromium, which helps to balance blood sugar in the body. You can also try a vitamin B complex supplement, as vitamin B helps the adrenal gland, which assists in the body’s stress response. Magnesium is another supplement that may help reduce sugar cravings. When your body is deficient in magnesium, you may crave more sugars. Zinc can help in increasing serotonin productions. When serotonin levels are higher, you feel better, and may therefore want to eat fewer sweets in the course of a day.  The amino acid L-glutamine stabilizes blood sugar therefore suppressing sugar cravings.

You may also be able to find other supplements that are designed specifically to curb sugar cravings, or to boost weight loss. Before starting any supplement, be sure to ask your doctor about possible dangers, as they can recommend what would work best for you, given your health history, and warn you of any possible serious side effects or medication reactions.


Distract Yourself

If you feel a craving for sweets coming on, another way to stop your sugar cravings is by simply thinking about or doing something else. This may be exercise, focusing on a hobby, talking to someone, or anything that gets your mind off your current craving.

When you are bored, you may be more likely to start craving sweets, or you may have a habit of reaching for sweet things. If you do this for a while, consciously, after a while you will begin to subconsciously distract yourself from sugar cravings. Eventually, these cravings may disappear altogether. Even if they don’t, you can still use the distraction tactic to temporarily stop you from reaching for a sugary drink or food. This method is absolutely free, which is another great benefit.


Learning how to stop sugar cravings is no easy feat.  This is why the next tip that I am going to suggest is very important.  Find someone or any platform where you can share your struggles.  It can be your best friend, your office mate who also finds it hard to stop sugar cravings, or even this site.  This site shares lots of vital data regarding different kinds of food addiction that you can easily relate to.  Please feel free to look around and share it to those you know who really needs this help.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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