How To Stop Emotional Eating: Quick Guide

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How-To-Stop-Emotional-EatingDo you have a habit of eating when you are down, stressed, angry, or bored?  This behavior is called emotional eating.  You may not know it but the satisfaction that you get from it does not last.  Apart from that, it also causes several problems that may be detrimental to your health.  If you want to know how to stop emotional eating, this post might be your best shot.

5 Steps on How To Stop Emotional Eating


You can cope with the stress and pressure that life brings you even without resorting to bingeing or emotional eating.  Here’s how:

  1. Give blogging a try.  Blogging is one of the many avenues where you can freely (and responsibly) express all your thoughts and feelings.   Who knows, you might find someone whom you can relate to through this platform therefore making you feel a little less alone in everything that seems to be bothering you.  Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a techno-geek though.  You don’t have to be one to own a blog.  Setting one up is easy.  Try wordpress or blogspot for starters.
  2. Spend your time on something that’s fun.   You can paint, play computer games, go for a run, or clean your house.  Working on a new hobby sounds fun too.  Just make sure that you do what deeply interests you.  Find something you are passionate about or good at to make you feel better about yourself as this really helps.  Or better yet, pinch a bubble wrap.  Yes, you read that right.  This activity does not require any effort but it gives a calming effect to those who do it.  Give it a try.
  3. Work on projects that benefit other people.  How to stop emotional eating?  You can work for soup kitchen, or maybe participate in relief efforts for those who need help the most.  This will help you take your mind off all your problems and stressors.  It will help you shed some light on the events in your life and maybe put them into perspective.  Also, it gives you a sense of purpose.  And it distracts you from eating.
  4. Make a list of things that you want to accomplish.  Sky-diving, bungee jumping, parasailing, wake boarding, and more.  Write down everything that you want to do (and make sure that you do them eventually).  Every time you have a strong urge to munch on something, go back to your list and keep adding activities that you intend to do in the future.  If you want to make this list an interactive one, you can post it on your blog (see tip number 1) to get more ideas from other people.
  5. Surf.  Not in the beach but the web.  I can tell you from experience that time passes by so quickly when you surf the web for any information.  You can research about a DIY project that you have been dying to try or you can chat with your friends across the globe.  Searching for YouTube tutorials (and actually following the instructional videos) helps too.   What makes this very effective is that it is difficult to eat and type simultaneously.


This quick guide on how to stop emotional eating is something that you can easily manage.  Blogging, enjoying fun activities, volunteering, listing new things to try, and surfing the web are very doable and I am more than certain that they are within your capabilities.  The important thing is that you do whatever you can to overcome emotional eating.

Good luck!

Doriet von Fircks

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