How To Stop Eating Sugar – Tips and Tricks

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How To Stop Eating SugarDoes eating a sweet treat always leave you wanting for more?  Does eating a chocolate bar save you when you are feeling down?  Do you end up reaching for an ice cold soda after munching on that chocolate bar?  The reason for this behavior is that, according to studies, sweet is the primary taste that human beings opt for after birth.  As a result, many people find it difficult to control their innate love for sugar and succumb to their cravings.  What about you?  Do you want to know how to stop eating sugar?



Tips and Tricks on How to Stop Eating Sugar


If you can’t fight that craving for sweets, you might want to try the tricks in this post to keep that hankering away.

  • Come clean.   The first step to waging a war against this constant hunger for sweets is to admit that you are indeed addicted to it.  Say it out loud.  Doing this will make you realize that you need help and that you want to learn to control this addiction.  Try it out and you’ll feel a little bit better.
  • Substitute.  Try eating fruits the next time you have an extreme yearning for sweets.  For example, go for sweet potatoes instead of wolfing down a slice of cake.  Aside from being rich in antioxidants, sweet potatoes can satisfy your sweet cravings and keep your tummy full.  Additionally, fruits give you the vital nutrients that your body needs whilst keeping the cravings at bay.  What more can you ask for?
  • Try different combinations.  If you find it hard to curb your daily sweets fix, try combining sugary foods with healthy ones.  For instance, you can dip your strawberry in chocolate sauce to fill your sweet tooth.  Be wary about this technique though if you still have difficulty in controlling your sugar addiction.  You might just lose control.  Remember that you need to give in JUST A LITTLE to your cravings once in a while to keep you from feeling deprived.
  • Find out what works best for you.  One trick may work for you this week but eventually loses its “magic” the next.  The key here is to find or think of as many strategies as you can to prevent yourself from reaching that tasty, rainbow sprinkled-top donut.  Figuring out how to stop eating sugar is undeniably challenging that’s why you need more than a trick or two to steer clear from those sweets FOR NOW.
  • Teach the young ones how to stop eating sugar before they even start with the same addiction as yours.  This intense sugar dependence is a vicious cycle.  Once you are in it, there’s no telling if you can learn to manage it.  We find it very grueling to keep this sugar addiction in check because we started it since we were young.  The best thing that you can do for your little ones is to train them to moderate their sugar intake while they are still young.
  • Unlearn and re-learn.  As mentioned in the previous bullet point, it is difficult for us adults to moderate this sugar habit because we learned it at a very young age.  As a result, we need to unlearn our old habits and acquire a new one.  You can start by going “cold turkey”.  This means that you have to stop consuming sugar completely.  Don’t worry as this is only temporary.  Take away processed sugar from your diet for a week.  The “cold turkey period” varies from one person to another though.  the stronger the addiction, the more time you need to spend on avoiding sugary food.  Once you are able to control your eating habits and reduce your cravings (or tame your taste buds), you may start eating sugar again but in moderation and in smaller portions this time around.
  • Keep a regular eating habit.  Do not skip meals as this will only trigger fat and sugar cravings.  Pack your meals with the necessary proteins and leafy greens.  Eating three healthy meals a day will do but if this is not effective for you, try eating every three to five hours but with smaller servings this time.
  • A support system helps.  Find someone you have the same goals with.  This will motivate you with your fight as you will feel less alone in this struggle.  Sharing your healthy recipes and techniques with each other will do wonders.  If you can’t find someone near you, try your luck online.  There are a number of social media sites where you can always share your thoughts and find your “buddy”.


Strategies on how to stop eating sugar may vary from person to person.  One trick may work for one but not for another.  The important thing is that you motivate yourself and strive hard to control this addiction.

Good luck!

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