How To Stop Eating Junk Food

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How To Stop Eating Junk Food

If you were to choose between a bag of chips and a vegetable salad, which one will you pick? Hmmm.  Difficult, very difficult.  I know that majority of you will go for the bag of chips.  Why?  Because you just can’t get enough of it.  Junk food addiction is a common problem that concerns people ranging from young kids to adults.  What about you?  Do you want to curb this addiction?  Find out how to stop eating junk food through this post.

5 Ways: How To Stop Eating Junk Food

You need more than willpower to kick the junk food habit from your system.  Here are some ways that can help you:

Find a reason for quitting your junk food fix.  If you want to know how to stop eating junk food, you first need to know WHY you want to quit this bad habit.  Do you want to aim for lower body fat and cholesterol?  Better health?     Think long and hard.  Write your reason on a piece of paper and pin it someplace where you can always see it.  This will serve as a reminder of your objective and keep you on your path.


Test your culinary skills.  Most of us turn to junk food and fast food because we don’t have time to cook for ourselves.  Try to cook meals despite the time constraint.

You can search the net for easy-to-do meals, or you can put on your thinking cap and experiment.  For instance, you can create burger patties made of meat, carrots and sweet potatoes on your spare time (day-off).  My advice is that you create a daily meal plan that you should follow.  Write what you can eat or cook, or what you should bring to the office.


Be familiar of the effects of too much junk foodKnowing the consequences of over consuming might help you take a step back from it.  Did you know that constantly craving in to your junk food addiction causes obesity?

Did you know that obesity is the root of illnesses such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and other health problems?  Yes that’s right.  It’s like taking a look into a crystal ball.  Know what looms ahead if you keep giving in to your addiction.  Surely, you will learn to stay away from them as soon as you read what you are getting into.


Avoid junk.  DO NOT EAT JUNK FOOD for two weeks or so.  This will help you stop your strong hunger for junk in the long run.  You will not be able to resist your addiction if you find even one lying around in your house or at the office.

Furthermore, resist the urge to grab a bag of chips at the supermarket.  Fill your cart with fruits and veggies instead and think of a new recipe that you can cook up to keep your mind from wondering about junk.  Remember not to immediately jump back to eating junk after two weeks of avoiding them.  Doing so will only make you go back to your unhealthy eating habits.  You need to take baby steps here.


Have a cheat day.  Learning how to stop eating junk food does not mean that you need to banish those foods from your life forever.  Reward yourself with those sugary treats from time to time by having a cheat day.  Take a day off from your diet and treat yourself to a little paradise.  One or two small cookies will do.  You will be fine as long as you eat healthy meals most of the time.


It will not be easy and painless to resist temptation and figure out ways on how to stop eating junk food.  To recap, here are the suggestions mentioned in this post.  You will need to find a purpose for keeping your cravings at bay, and learn how to cook.  In addition, you should also know more about the addiction’s negative effects on your body.  Stay away from junk temporarily, and learn to reward yourself once in a while.  The key here is to never keep your eyes off the prize – better health.

Good luck.  I am sure that you can triumph over this difficulty.

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