How To Stop Eating Chocolate

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how to stop eatingIt is easy to love chocolate.  Who does not love it?  Even the struggling diabetics want to get their hands on this forbidden tasty treat.  There is no harm if you love eating chocolate.  However, it is another issue when you say that you are addicted to it.  This article intends to teach you how to stop eating chocolate.




How To Stop Eating Chocolate: Control Your Addiction


Chocolate can be a source of happiness and contentment to many people.  The problem is, overeating and addiction to chocolate pose several threats to your body.

Some of the harmful side effects include tooth decay, diabetes, irritability, digestive problems, etc.  Are you not yet scared after knowing about the health risks that chocolate addiction causes?  Here are some of the techniques on how to stop eating chocolate.

Relax.  Yes, this is the first technique.  Breathe in, breathe out.  Close your eyes and just relax.  Doing this will help you clear your mind.

Imagine.  You know you are not hungry but you can’t help but wonder why you suddenly want to fill your tummy with chocolate – LOTS of chocolate.  This particular technique is easy.  Once the hankering comes, imagine yourself obese and lying in a hospital bed because of health complications from over consuming chocolate.

If the idea above does not work or worry you, think of crawling cockroaches, creepy worms, or anything else that irks and disgusts you.  Picture them in place of a chocolate bar and think of how they smell like.  Make a strong and vivid image in your mind and let it linger.  You’ll see, you’ll be scrambling away from chocolate in no time.

Keep doable goals.  I’m not saying that you should quit eating chocolate altogether because this is totally unreasonable.  What I’m saying is moderate your chocolate intake.  It is important to learn how to stop consuming chocolate so that you will learn to control your cravings.  Promising that you won’t eat chocolate for good will only intensify your chocolate addiction so avoid doing so.

Have a schedule.  Since it is impossible to turn away from chocolate forever, make a timetable for when you can eat them.  For example, you can eat a bar or two during a family member’s birthday or only when friends come over, or on Saturday afternoon snack time.

Make sure that you have a reasonable purpose (and not just an alibi) for eating one.  Apart from scheduling when you can eat, you can also jot down the times and reasons why you seriously want to have a bite.  This will help you figure out why you keep coming back to your addiction.

Prioritize other food.  Eat your meals before reaching for a sweet bar.  Go for fruits and vegetables during snack time then consume a square or two of chocolate.  Try other food or healthier alternatives to chocolate and see if you have another favorite food aside from them.

Keep temptations at bay.  Remember the saying “Out of sight, out of mind”?  Apply this saying to your current situation.  If you stay away from chocolate, you might learn how to stop eating them.  Remove chocolate from your desk at work.  Take away those that you hid inside your room, and get rid of the remaining chocolate from your stash in the kitchen.

Take another route if you happen to have a chocolate store as you go home.  If there’s no other way, walk on the opposite side of the road – one that is away from that store.  Steer clear from the sweets aisle or the checkout counter loaded with sweets.  You don’t only get to avoid chocolate, you also get to burn fats by evading the tempting sweets.



There are many ways and techniques taught on how to stop eating chocolate.  There are specialized meal plans, therapies, expensive consultations, and more.  The crucial part is your willingness to help yourself.  The number of methods you have employed will not matter and will not take effect at all if you are not eager to learn to control your chocolate addiction.  Get up and do your part.  This is easier said than done but you will have to start trying now.  Good luck.


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