how to stop binge eatingIt is difficult to spot binge eating in kids.  The reason is that kids eat lots of food during their “growing up years”.  During this period, the kids need all the nutrients necessary for building and strengthening their developing bodies.  However, there are telltale signs that this disorder is present in your child’s life.  This article will discuss this and then teach you how to stop binge eating in kids.





How To Stop Binge Eating: Indicators in Kids


In order to tell good appetite and binge eating apart, you should look out for the following signs that your child or children might be manifesting:

  • Using food to cope with peer pressure, demanding academics, tension in the family, and stress in general
  • Rapidly consuming huge portions and amount of food
  • Feeling guilt and shame after consuming a lot
  • Hiding stashes of food in his or her room
  • Discovering empty food wrappers and containers in his or her room
  • Developing new eating habits such as fondness of junk food, missing meals, and hunger at unusual times such as midnight
  • Feeling awkwardness when socializing with other people because of changes in weight


Critical Health Risks Involved


Here are the possible effects of binge eating on your kids if you don’t interfere with their eating habits

  • Obesity
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol level
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Sleep disorder
  • Depression

If you notice, the aforementioned effects in kids are similar to those in adults.  These illnesses do not take age into consideration.  So my suggestion is, help your kids learn how to stop binge eating before it’s too late.


Treatments That are Available


Any child with an eating disorder will experience physical, emotional, and psychological distress.  Therefore, it is necessary that you and your family provide all the support that he or she needs during this struggle.

There are therapies that can help shape your child’s self-image, self-worth, and behavior.  You, as parents, can also go to counseling sessions with your children so you can know and observe how your child relates to others.

Help your child socialize.  Talk to them frequently to help them avoid any anxiety and depression.  Monitor what your child is eating so you have an idea if the binging starts again.  This will be your cue if your child is under pressure again.

Help your child adapt healthier ways to cope with stress.  And best of all, eat healthy food with him or her.  If you want your child to undergo a diet program, it is best if you consult your doctor first before starting such a program with your child.

Treatment does not just take effect overnight.  It can range from months to years depending on the child’s willingness to manage this food addiction.  Heads up though.  Treatments can be expensive or exasperating if they do not produce a positive result.  Don’t worry tough, there is considerable information available related to how to help children stop binge eating. If one approach doesn’t seem to work, it’s worth trying additional new ideas.


How You Can Be of Help


If you think that your child is suffering from binge eating, don’t hesitate to call your doctor.  Your doctor can run tests and analysis, and even prescribe medication for your child.  He can even refer you to authorized health specialists who can treat your child.

Help your child see and feel that you will always be there for him or her.  Make them feel loved.  Listen to your kids or teens stories, descriptions of how they spent the day for example. This is especially important when the child is experiencing a crisis.

Yes, it is difficult to acknowledge that your child has this kind of disorder but this is a very important first step in treatment.  He or she might not be ready for this so encouragement is another tool that we can use.

Your children might have picked up their eating habits from you so it’s important that you also learn how to stop your own binge eating, you have to know how to stop binge eating too.  Be a good role model and start eating healthy food.  Exercise and cope with your own stress and anxiety in a different way.  You’ll see, both you and your child will be on the road to a healthier life.

Please browse through the website if you want to learn more about how to stop binge eating.  Have a nice day.


Doriet von Fircks

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