How to Overcome Food Addiction?

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How to Overcome Food Addiction?


How to overcome Food Addiction?  Food addictions are very real and occur when a person has trained their body to enjoy foods that may not be the healthiest for them. In recent times, there has been an explosion of different fast food restaurants and different snack companies that advertise their products. Most of these foods are high in bad fats, simple carbohydrates and fatty meats. Though these flavors are appealing and incredibly cheap, the effects done to the body can be devastating. For most people, eating this type of food can lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart attack. Fortunately, there is a way to break the grip of food addiction and help your body get back to recovery.  Discover ways on how to overcome food addiction.

Sources of Bad Choices


Fast food and snacks are high addictive especially because of the large amount of different flavors they have to offer. In today’s time, most people do not have time to sit around and cook, so their number one option is to stop at a fast food restaurant. Though fast food is convenient and cheap, it usually is not the best food for you. The food is usually high in salts, simple sugars, fats and fatty meats. This combination of food can wreak havoc in your body if not counteracted with a healthy diet.


As your tongue grows more accustomed to these foods, it will become less interested in them and desire foods with different taste. Think of your tongue as an adrenaline junky.  Once it has conquered one thrill, it will naturally look for another one twice as dangerous. Your tongue can be retrained by your will and desire to eat a healthy balanced diet.


Problems associated with Bad Food Choices and Overeating


It should be obvious that if a person is a food addict then they are probably going to gain an large amount of weight very quickly. This puts unneeded stress and strain on your body and your hormones. Digestion is a long process that requires your body to pull different organs together to contribute to it. The liver is activated, the kidneys, the gall bladder, the bladder, the stomach as well as the anus and rectum. All of these parts of your body will have to work twice as hard to pass some of the horrible food that has been processed and packaged by food companies.

Some of these foods are high in salt which can lead to blindness, hypertension, and a host of other blood related ailments. It also can lead to gaining weight quickly as well. Most obese people carry a ton of water in their bodies because of all the salt that is within them. Another high additive food additive is sugar. From candy to cookies to chocolate, sugar is found almost everywhere and is almost as deadly as salt.

Salts and sugars are needed in the body but in very small, useful quantities. When eaten in access, candy can rot your teeth and cause you to put on tons of weight very fast. Sweets have been linked to our mother’s breast milk. This was our first source of food as well as first taste of anything sweet. As babies, we may have found it hard to give up our mother’s breast milk to turn to the bottle. As we get older, we may continue to crave the sweetness that we were privy to so long ago.

Fats are highly addictive as well. Fats contain some helpful properties, but when over consumed can lead to some  problems for your heart. Heart attacks and strokes are more likely when a person has been ingesting high levels of fatty foods.  These fatty foods are usually cheap and easy to be mass produced, that is why so many fast food companies love adding them to their foods.


How to Overcome Food Addiction


You can overcome an addiction by first admitting to yourself that there is a problem. Denial blocks progress and keeps a person stuck in the same bad habits that they have become used to. Also, justifying a bad habit is just as bad as not admitting there’s a problem.

One way for you to break your food addiction is to use that energy spent on consuming food to take up a hobby or a sport. These will serve as not only a distraction from your food addiction, but allow you to enjoy other parts of life that are just as enjoyable. Take up a sport like basketball or soccer to keep your body active and your heart rate in the fat burning zone.

Another thing you can do is to seek the help of a  professional counselor or nutritionist.  They can teach you not only how to eat, but possibly get to the root of your overeating. Food addiction can be overcome.  A person just has to be proactive and dedicated to it.  These are just some of the ways how to overcome food addiction.  Why don’t you try them?

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