How to Break Sugar Addiction

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How to break sugar addiction

How to break a sugar addictionBased on a recent survey by the American Heart Association or AHA, Americans consume the highest amount of sugar in comparison to other countries. Therefore, it is not surprising diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart attack are among the top health threats faced by this country today. When one think about this issue, it is hard to believe people can be addicted to sugar. According to experts, certain types of food like sugar stimulate brain areas similar to drugs that lead to addiction. The average American consumes about 132 pounds of sugar annually. In reality, we only need 6 to 9 teaspoons of sugar daily. Most of the sugar content comes from soft drink, sauces, sweets, cakes and ice cream. Addiction to sugar has become such an alarming problem that this issue can no longer be avoided. Therefore, this article is going to suggest a few tips on how to break sugar addiction.


How To Break Sugar Addiction: Steps

The first step in overcoming sugar addiction is to remove sugar entirely from your diet. It is necessary to go cold turkey in order to curb cravings. Ransack through the entire kitchen and identify food items containing sugar. You can eliminate these products by throwing them away or donating it to charity.

Getting rid of temptations is the best method to avoid caving in to sugar cravings. This can be extremely difficult for the first 4 to 7 days and it is deemed as the most crucial stage in determining the success in breaking this addiction. During this period, consider yourself going through a detoxification process. Try limiting your daily activities and rest as much as possible.

The next step on how to break sugar addiction is to replace sugar with natural foods such as fruits, vegetables and meat. Be aware of sugar substitutes claiming to contain natural sweeteners from sugar cane. They will put you on a relapse back onto your addiction. The best way to make this work is to change your diet habits.

Instead of using sugar, you can try sweetening your drinks by adding berries or opt for organic peanut butter with whole grain crackers for snacks. Changing your lifestyle to include natural food can be very challenging. Try to eat your meals before stepping out from the house. This will stop you from having sudden cravings of walking into a fast food joint. Apart from that, while shopping for grocery at the supermarket, try to walk around the perimeter of the store only. Usually, foods containing sugar such as sodas, cookies, chocolates and chips are situated on the inside aisles.

Effective meal planning is another tip on how you can overcome sugar addiction. The rule of the thumb is to make sure that you are never hungry. Generally, individuals will start craving for sugar and junk food when this happens. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should not skip it while trying to break away from sugar addiction. Besides that, try to incorporate proteins into your meals and snacks at intervals. This will keep your blood sugar level. Otherwise, you may feel lethargic or suffer from mood swings. Therefore, make sure to plan your meals properly and have them as frequently as possible until you feel satisfied.

Finally, one should identify the underlying reasons for breaking their sugar addiction. Many individuals immerse themselves into this program in order to lose weight. This should not be your main focus although weight loss is one of the side effects of giving up sugar. Leading a healthier lifestyle should be the goal. If your main purpose of breaking away from this addiction is to lose weight, there is a high possibility you will drop off the bandwagon very soon. Intrinsic motivation is always better than extrinsic motivation. Wanting to be healthier as opposed to looking thinner will definitely help you to get through difficult times especially during the first week of sugar bingeing. Focusing on one goal at a time will give you a higher chance of success as well as a sense of accomplishment and encouragement.


The four steps suggested in this article should serve only as a guideline. There are many other methods one can apply in order to eliminate sugar from their body systems. You can try searching the Internet on how you can break sugar addiction in order to grasp a better idea. Besides obtaining recipes for your meal planning, you can also read experiences from other individuals who are going through the same ordeal as you. This can be a drastic step for many people and may not be safe for everybody. Before starting on your sugar binge, it is best to consult with your local physician and ask for advice.


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