Food Addicts Diet

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Food Addicts Diet

Food Addicts DietIn a day and age where sugars, processed foods, fatty meats and dairy are extremely readily available and compose most of many people’s diets, food addiction is a real problem. Food is so readily available that many people find themselves eating just to eat, not because they are truly hungry. This can lead to addiction like tendencies, especially when it comes to the foods with high fat, salt, and sugar content. If left unchecked, the eating habits of a food addict can lead to weight gain, health problems, even obesity and related diseases. But don’t fear. If you are a food addict, you can try a specific diet which will help to modify your metabolism and eating choices:

Foods to restrict

A food addicts diet calls for restriction of starchy and sugary foods. In moderation, you can enjoy some of these foods, such as fruit like apples, oranges, or pineapples. You can also enjoy some starchy foods like potatoes or brown rice. Overly processed foods like white rice, bread, and pastas are not allowed. Pre-prepared foods or baked foods that contain corn starch, corn syrup, or sugars are also not allowed. Just like a drug addict or alcoholic who must clear their house of all substances that feed their addictions, so should those who have become addicted to food.

Foods You Should Eat More Of

Try to add more lean meats, for example, low-fat cuts of red meat, skinless chicken or turkey breasts to your diet. You can also consumer more egg whites and dairy products that are low-fat. These additions help to add protein to your diet. Leafy greens, broccoli, or spinach are also allowed, as they are low-starch vegetables. Avoid any vegetables with high starch content. Lemon-juices, hot sauce and other low-fat or low-carbohydrate spices and seasonings can be used to give your meats, salads, and veggies more flavor and appeal.

Measure, Plan, and Weigh Your Food

The best food addict diets offer meals are specific intervals and meals are composed of specific daily portions of foods that take into account daily needs and gender of the dieter. It is of the utmost importance that you follow the plans for meals, as it is designed to keep you from craving other foods throughout the day, and to help keep you from reaching for snacks or foods that could make you “relapse” in your food addiction. You must also follow the portions laid out by your specific plan to be sure that you are following the diet correctly. Even with the most careful planning and portion control, you should also add a regular workout to your diet, as this helps with weightless and overall health and metabolism.

More Resources for Food Addicts Diet

If you are curious about the specifics of diets catering to food addicts, then you should look at the website for Food Addicts Anonymous (FAA) and also contact your doctor. At their webpage, the FAA has a more specific diet plan, tips for preventing food addiction, and tips on how to develop a healthier lifestyle.

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