Food Addicts Diet

Food Addicts Diet

Food Addicts Diet In a day and age where sugars, processed foods, fatty meats and dairy are extremely readily available and compose most of many people’s diets, food addiction is a real problem. Food is so readily available that many people find themselves eating just to eat, not because they are truly hungry. This can…

How to overcome Food Addiction?

How to Overcome Food Addiction?

How to Overcome Food Addiction?   Food addictions are very real and occur when a person has trained their body to enjoy foods that may not be the healthiest for them. In recent times, there has been an explosion of different fast food restaurants and different snack companies that advertise their products. Most of these…

How to overcome Sugar Addiction

How to Overcome Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction can be an emotional, physical or psychological dependency. Sugar does stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine which both produce feelings of calm and happiness in the same way that recreational drugs and alcohol do. For this reason, it is easy to become dependent on the happy feelings associated with a sugar rush,…

Food Addicts in Recovery

Food Addicts in Recovery

Food Addicts in Recovery Are you or is someone you love struggling with food addiction? If so, the experience can be trying, difficult, and even put a strain on serious relationships for food addicts in recovery.  This article will tell you more about the stages in food addiction recovery, places you can turn to for…

I am addicted to food

I am Addicted to Food

I am addicted to food   The stigma associated with addiction has always been present. However, more and more people are opening up about their issues with addiction and more treatment options are becoming available. This goes beyond the well known issues with drug and alcohol abuse. Food addiction is an issue that is becoming…

How to get an Eating disorder

How to Get an Eating Disorder

An eating disorder is one or a combination of a range of unhealthy attitudes and behaviors towards food. Lots of people go through stages of over eating if they are unhappy in search of comfort, but this can become a dangerous obsession and lead to life threatening illness.  This article will help you know how…

leptin and weight loss

Leptin and Weight Loss

Leptin and its Effects on Weight Loss Weight loss is a goal that many wish to achieve for a number of reasons. Some may wish to look better and some may just want to lose body fat to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease. Obesity is a worldwide public health problem that can bring with…

How to break a sugar addiction

How to Break Sugar Addiction

How to break sugar addiction Based on a recent survey by the American Heart Association or AHA, Americans consume the highest amount of sugar in comparison to other countries. Therefore, it is not surprising diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart attack are among the top health threats faced by this country today. When one…

I can't stop binge eating

I Can’t Stop Binge Eating

I can’t stop binge eating   Are you puzzled by your inability to sometimes stop eating, even after big meals or snacks and you are no longer hungry?  Are there foods you simply cannot do without and you feel agitated until you have them?  You may have a problem with binge eating and food addiction…

science of food addiction

Understanding the Science of Food Addiction

The Science of Food Addiction What makes us crave particular types of food again and again? Why do many of us struggle with cravings, and then, later, a cycle of restriction and then bingeing? Believe it or not, there is a definite science behind this cycle that can be traced through medical studies and research….