carbohydrate addiction

Carbohydrate Addiction

Carbohydrates can be found in large quantities in breads, pastas, or grains. Many of us may find these foods filling and satisfying, but some simply cannot ever seem to get enough. When this happens, we may be suffering from carbohydrate addiction. Just like drugs or alcohol, carbohydrates stimulate reward and pleasure centers in the brain…

sugar Addiction withdrawal

Sugar Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

Sugar addiction withdrawal symptoms arise from a number of reasons; the feelings of happiness and calm associated with the release of serotonin and dopamine that occurs when sugar is eaten can be  addictive. People turn to sugar as a support in hard or sad times, and also for an energy boost if they are flagging….

How to break food addiction

How to Break Food Addiction

  If you find it difficult to bypass fast food restaurants or put away the bag of potato chips you just brought home from the grocery store, it may not be hunger enticing you to eat unhealthy foods, it may be a food addiction.  Food addicts often have difficulty with knowing how to break food…

I'm Addicted to Sugar

I’m Addicted to Sugar

It’s the middle of the day and you’re at work, craving a candy bar. There isn’t much to do, and your co-worker has a candy dish on her desk. You walk over, make some conversation, but your eyes keep focused on the candy. She pushes it forward and offers you some. “Ah, finally”, you think,…

Help for Food Addiction

Help for Food Addiction

Dieting is not easy for anyone.  It requires a commitment to healthy eating and a willingness to give up foods you like whenever you go out to eat or go to visit friends.  If you have the willpower, you can make it through the cravings and have a successful outcome.  However, what if you’ve tried…

How to beat sugar addiction

How to Beat Sugar Addiction

How to Beat Sugar Addiction: Steps The first thing to beating sugar addiction is acknowledging that you have one. Stress or emotional trauma can trigger any addiction, and as emotional eaters, food becomes our comfort. Sugar is a major source of energy for the body, the more we take in, the more tolerant our bodies…

Sugar cravings causes

Sugar Cravings Causes

We have all had that experience where, suddenly, no matter what we are doing, we start dreaming of sweets. Cookies, candy, or cake, we have all been there. Some people may even crave fruits or sodas. Why? There are many different reasons why each person may want sweets as a daily part of our diet….

sugar withdrawel symptoms

Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms

Sugar is a bane for those trying to lose weight, and if you have developed a pattern over the years of bingeing on sugary foods, then fasting from them in an effort to lose weight, you may have a sugar addiction. While many still debate whether sugar addiction really exists, many studies have shown that…

How to Stop Food Addiction

How to Stop Food Addiction

When we hear the word addiction, we immediately think of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs; however, there is one substance that is often overlooked even though it is causing serious health problems: food. Yes, food addiction really is a thing, and it affects more people than you even realize. Now, how to stop food addiction is…

addictive carbs

Addictive Carbs: Those Tasty Treats that are Hard to Resist

Breads. pasta, rice, vegetables, cakes, pies, pastries. What do all of these foods have in common? The answer is they are all great sources of carbohydrates. Addictive carbs are found in the most delicious foods that we find so hard to resist. There isn’t a person alive that I know of, that can resist the…