Addictive Carbs: Those Tasty Treats that are Hard to Resist

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addictive carbsBreads. pasta, rice, vegetables, cakes, pies, pastries. What do all of these foods have in common? The answer is they are all great sources of carbohydrates. Addictive carbs are found in the most delicious foods that we find so hard to resist. There isn’t a person alive that I know of, that can resist the smell and taste of a good pepperoni pizza.

So what makes carbohydrates so addictive and how can a person break their addiction to carbs? Before answering these two great questions, it’s important to fully understand and comprehend the nature and function of carbs within the body. Without understanding the function of carbohydrates, it will be hard to understand how someone would become addicted to them in the beginning.


Carbs: The Energy source of your human body

Carbs are wonderful, confusing and sometimes devastating organic compounds that are your body’s primary source of energy or fuel. Although it is a great fuel source, carbs provide no essential nutrients to the human body. Carbohydrates come in two basic forms either complex or simple.

Carbs could be thought of as sugars that provide the body with the energy to perform tasks such as weight lifting, running, recovery from training and all of our daily function as well. Carbohydrates are broad and sometimes confusing to talk about. This article will break down carbs into its most basic components so that you can have a better understanding of them.


Addictive Carbs: Different Types

Simple Carbohydrates: Fast Digesting Sugar in the body

It is important to remember that simple carbs are simple sugars that are made up of one or maybe two different types of sugars. Most of the times these sugars have been refined and provide no nutritional value to the body, because of this it is important to limit to consumption of these simple sugars.

These simple addictive carbs are digested in the body much quicker than complex carbs are and will be immediately introduced into the bloodstream. Foods such as chocolates, candy, white rice, white potatoes, juice, jelly and soda contain high amounts of these simple sugars. Most of these foods contain high amount of calories within them, which will contribute to fat gains in most people.


Complex Carbohydrates: Slow Digesting Sugar in the body

Unlike its twin brother(Simple Carbohydrates), Complex Carbohydrates provide a slower release of energy into your body. These carbohydrates are usually made up of more than three different sugars and are usually rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber. Since complex carbs are so complex, they require more time to digest and do not raise the sugar level in your blood. Complex carbohydrates are normally found in vegetables and whole grain breads, rice and noodles. Since these foods take longer to digest they also keep you fuller longer, making these foods great for people who are trying to lose weight.



Carbohydrates: Sugars and the Insulin Response

The relationship between Carbohydrates and insulin is a very important first step into understanding why people are so addicted to them. Whenever you eat a meal that is high in simple carbohydrates you may find that you are not satisfied for very long. These meals that are high in carbohydrates raise your blood sugar levels and when this occurs insulin is released.

The role of insulin is to help combat the incoming sugar rush, by placing some of it within the cells of the muscles as well as the fat cells of the body. For the average person this is a big problem, because once a fat cell is created it can never be destroyed. The only thing you can do is to empty the fat cell in the future. For bodybuilders and weightlifters this is great, the excess sugar can be used to power their muscles and allow them to lift more weight. For long distance athletes, the extra sugar can be used as fuel for their marathons.


What Makes Them So Dangerous

The number one reason why carbs are so addictive is because of the taste and flavors that are associated with these foods. Most of the simple carbohydrates are full of sugars, salts and bad fats. Though these things are not good for your body they do taste great.

As your mouth experiences different taste and flavors it will begin to become numb to them, so you will have to eat different varieties of these foods to truly enjoy them. Aside from this, you also have an excess of calories coming into your body. This excess can lead to health conditions like obesity, heart disease and liver problems.

Problems like hypertension and diabetes are directly linked to a high carbohydrate diet. This health conditions are also hundred percent preventable if a person begins to change their diets. The desire for carbs can be destroyed by weening yourself off of them or choosing to focus on eating only complex carbohydrates.  If I were you, I will find a way to shun those addictive carbs.

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