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More than 78 million people in the United States are obese, and for many of them losing weight borders on impossible. Many individuals with weight problems simply can’t manage to lose weight or to maintain weight loss results for any extended period of time. The temptation to eat is simply much too great, and so eventually, they return to their unhealthy food choices.

Many people have this new form of mental illness–food addiction. Like alcoholism or drug addiction, food addiction is a condition marked by dependence. Sufferers cannot break out of the cycle of overeating because of the emotional fulfillment that they receive from binging.

Food addiction has long been the invisible eating disorder–a phantom condition that physicians, nutritionists and scientists largely ignored or discredited. The latest scientific research is making it increasingly difficult for food addiction to be overlooked as a cause of obesity, and I have dedicated this site to sharing the results of this research with the world.

After extensive reading about food addiction, I decided to launch I realized as I read scientific journals both online and offline that there was a dearth of websites that discussed food addiction from a scientific perspective. By filling this void, I hope to help those who are suffering from food addiction, as well as their friends or acquaintances who have this problem, to understand how food addiction works and some ways how to overcome this condition.

I update the site frequently, ensuring that the latest scientific findings are always featured on

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