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stress and food addiction

Energy and Addiction (Part 5): How Stress Effects Food Addiction

We already know in our previous post that negative emotions zap energy therefore making us more prone to succumbing to our food addiction.  In this part of the series, we will thoroughly discuss stress, how it causes food addiction, and how to better handle it.         What is Stress Stress is the…

Energy and Addic

Energy and Addiction (Part 4): How Emotions Effect Food Addiction

In this article series, we discuss the importance of high energy levels to thwart food addiction from our system.  We have already conferred about the significance of energy, sleep, and blood glucose levels to better combat intense cravings and addiction to food.       In this part, we will discuss the vital role that…

How Blood Sugar Levels Effect Food Addiction

Energy and Addiction (Part 3): How Blood Sugar Levels Effect Food Addiction

Whether or not you are a diabetic, it is imperative that you always keep your blood sugar levels in check.  Why?  The stability of blood levels affects energy levels which is essential in the combat against food addiction.  How is this so?  This post will explain the importance of blood sugar levels and its connection…

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Inside The Mind Of Food Addiction

food addiction There is always that one food that gives us immense pleasure – it can range from fruit shakes to fast food to chocolate.  However, indulging yourself too much in food that gives you instant gratification may lead to food addiction.
Yes, you read that correctly.  Food addiction exists and it is real.  And you probably stumbled upon this site because you are looking for answers about this problem.
Perhaps, you are wondering what’s happening to you because of your uncontrollable cravings and eating habits.  Well, you absolutely came to the right place my friend as this site has answers to your various queries.  But before we get to the nitty-gritty, let us first briefly discuss what food addiction is (and its subcategories such as chocolate addiction and sugar addiction).

The Science of Food Addiction

There are a number of different theories behind the development of food addiction. One theory is that the consumption of certain kinds of foods, particularly those that are highly palatable, can trigger the release of certain chemicals within the brain. These chemicals produce the feeling of being immensely happy and satisfied - a feeling that the person wishes to continue for a long time. This overwhelming need to remain in this satisfied state can drive one to eat more and more of the same food, leading to food addiction.

There are numerous studies proving that food addiction exists:

Chocolate Addiction

chocolate addictionWhy is this addiction possible?  Why are there chocoholics?  The reason is that chocolate has ingredients that are similar to that of drugs. Those ingredients alleviate mood and give chocoholics a different kind of “high”.  For this reason, chocolate addicts keep coming back for more just to get a happiness fix.

Sugar Addiction

sugar addictionWhat is this addiction?  How can we get addicted to sugar?  Just like chocolate, too much sugar affects the hormones that our brain releases and therefore modifies the part of the brain that have power over your eating habits.  As a result, you keep eating and eating sugary food until you can’t eat more.    

The Symptoms

People with food addiction may find that they will continue to eat what they love till they can eat no more, and then eat some more. Over time, this can impact their work and quality of life. They may even take excessive steps to attain them! Anxiety may kick in should they not receive the food that they crave. Over time, this can lead to depression. Other symptoms could include fatigue, insomnia, mood swings, agitation and guilt. The same thing goes for those with sugar addiction and chocolate addiction.


Food addiction is a health concern that can lead to obesity. The science behind it is reasonably sound, and steps can be taken to help resolve it. You can do something about chocolate addiction and sugar addiction as well.  What you need to do now is to take the first step –which is to accept the reality of these addictions. If you need information about these addictions, you can freely browse the rest of this site.  Welcome and happy browsing.  May you find what you are looking for.